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Hedge Fund


Proprietary Investment Philosophy

Historical return and risk measurement do NOT apply to the future; minimizing Fat-Tail Risk is KEY. 

Strictly emphasize risk management while passively receiving investment returns.

Identify investment opportunities at early stages with a view of profiting as they become known.

Where time and space* intercept, the path to "alpha" becomes clearer. 

Time: Time is uncertainty that future brings

Space: Space is measurable and known as it as it encompasses current and past events



This fund invests in global public real estate investment trusts and public-listed securities in the real estate sector. The fund is designed for institutional investors with a minimum investment of $10 million USD. ST&T REITs Fund applies unique strategies to select and trade publicly listed securities that invest in shopping malls, office buildings, high-end rental apartments, and mixed-used complexes, etc all over the world. It provides institutional investors with liquid real estate exposure and enhanced long-term returns through capital appreciation of the fund's investment portfolio.

Managed Account

We provide discretionary investment management service, primarily focusing on publicly traded real estate securities.   This is designed for accredited investors with a minimum investment of $200,000 USD looking to gain liquid real estate exposure with professional guidance. Investments are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual client. 

Contact Jesse Jia at for more information

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